SOPAR has been Europe’s and one of the world’s leading producers of screens and projector accessories for over twenty-five years.It is a company determined in facing the challenges of a constantly evolving market by directing its multitude of resources to refined italian design combined with the high quality of its commercialised products

Moreover, Sopar can add its skills and company philosophy, such as customer service, the professionality of its staff, the guarantee and safety of its products and above all the knowledge that the customer’s demands are the company’s foremost priorities.It is for these reasons Sopar is able to guarantee customized products and construe meticulously customer aims and needs in terms of functionality, aesthetics and installation. Its readiness in responding to customer or market demands and even the most complicated of orders, in addition to the rationality of its computerised order and delivery management system are further factors that consolidate Sopar as a global leader.

Since Sopar’s initial years as a slide storage container manufacturer the company has developed and produced innovative screens year after year thereby attaining international leadership in creating, developing and producing screens, projectors and accessories. A prestigious “Made in Italy” which envisages an optimistic future capable of securing trust in the American and Extreme Orient markets despite stiff competition and versatile production.

The most impossible of customer requests does not exist for Sopar, only feasible solutions to demands where creativity equals high technology.Sopar is able to offer fast and exceptional results thanks to its vast range of high quality products for both private and professional use.

Sopar is present throughout Europe with its own network and covers world markets through trusted authorised dealers. Sopar screens and accessories are synonymous to optimal performance, rigorous precision and detail combined with innovative capitivating design.

Obviously “Made in Italy”.